Sh’ma Yisrael - Hear O’ Yisrael

Deut. 6:4-9
Sh’ma Yisrael יהוה El-lo-hay -noo יהוה eh-chad
Ba-rooch shame k’vode mahl-choo-toe L’oh-lahm vah-ed

Hear O’ Israel, יהוה is our God, יהוה is One, Blessed is the name, His glorious kingdom is forever

Vah-hav-tah et יהוה Elo-he-cha b’chol L’vahv-cha
oo-v’chol nahf-sh’cha, oo-v’chol m’oh-deh-cha

And you shall love יהוה your God with all you heart, with all your soul and with all your might

Lev. 19:18

Vah-hav-ta L’ray-ah cha ka-moe-cha

And you shall love your neighbor as yourself

Statement of Faith

Our Beliefs

First and foremost this ministry fully believes in the complete deity of Yehovah/Yeshua-Jesus. He is our Saviour and Messiah. Without complete surrender to Him in our hearts we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He is the only Begotten Son of the Father in Heaven who died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us Salvation. John 3:16.

We believe that all the Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation are the inspired and infallable Word of the Father through Yehovah Yeshua His Son.

We believe in the anointing and filling of the Ruach Ha'kodesh (Holy Spirit).

We also believe that the Commandments of Yehovah Yeshua are just as relevant today as ever, (I.E. The Ten Commandments, The 7 Feasts, etc.) Yehovah Yeshua is the fulfillment of the final sacrifice for sin. But Torah (Genesis-Deut.) are by no means done away with. Yehovah Yeshua is clear about this in Matt. 5:17-19.

We believe our calling is not only to first spread the gospel of Yehovah Yeshua for the salvation of souls, Mark 16:15, but to teach the hebrew roots of scripture to get a deeper and more intimate understanding of what Yehovah Yeshua gave us in the original writings.

To see from Genesis to Revelation the picture of Yehovah Yeshua in everything, the evidence of Him in the Feasts of YAH (Leviticus 23) and that it is just as important to keep them now, for all who follow Yehovah Yeshua.

To show how end time prophecy is connected to the 7 feasts of Yehovah Yeshua, along with The Torah and all of Tanak (Old Testament)

To show that being Torah observant is a part of following Yehovah Yeshua, John 1:1,14. To show evidence in scripture that Yehovah Yeshua kept Torah. And since He told us to imitate Him, then we are to do these things also. That not only is the Brit Ha'Deshah ( New Testament) about Yehovah Yeshua, but the Torah and Tanak is Yehovah Yeshua as well.

We do not claim to have all the answers, as Paul says in Galatians 1:11-12, to paraphrase, "For no man has taught me, but all things have come through the revelation of Yeshua Ha Mashiach."

Never just take our word for it on any subject, always study it out for yourself and let Yehovah Yeshua reveal His truth to you. As His Word says to study to show yourself approved.

We desire only to be a blessing and an encouragement to all, and to convict the heart, not in shame, but in desire to be better in Him. FOR WE KNOW THAT WE ARE SAVED BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH, not of works. For we cannot earn or work our way into Heaven, but by His mercy we will be counted worthy.